Terms and Conditions

All bookings for Coventry Rehearsal Rooms are made online and are payable upfront. Cancelling or not showing up for a booking for any reason is non-refundable; this is regardless of how close to or how far from a booking a cancellation occurs. Furthermore, any paid-for equipment hire or refreshments on arrival for a cancelled or no-show booking is non-refundable. It is therefore highly advised that you ensure that you and/or your outfit can make the booking date/time before confirming a booking and paying.

Any damage or malfunction of hired equipment due to misuse or neglect will be chargeable according to the severity of the damage and/or the cost of repair of said damage.

If you have any issues or questions, please call 07756653880. Please note that this number is strictly for urgent and general enquiries only, and bookings cannot be made over the phone. If you wish to make a booking, please use the booking page at coventryrehearsalrooms.co.uk.